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Larimar Ring

Larimar Ring

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Sterling Silver Larimar Ring - Size 9 1/4


Known as a Healing Stone

Associated Chakra: Heart Chakra (Green), Throat Chakra (Blue), Third Eye (Indigo)

Throat Chakra Crystal Color(s): Blue, Green-Blue, Light Green, Turquoise

Zodiac: Leo

Healing Properties:

• Facilitates inner wisdom and outer manifestation

• Helps to heal and tone the throat

• Promotes self-confidence and encourages us to express our deepest truths and fears

• Helpful in removing self-imposed blockages and constraints

• Assists in taking control of our lives by dissolving self-sabotaging behavior, alleviating guilt and removing fear

• Calms the mind and bestows inner peace

• Naturally raises consciousness and facilitates contact and communication with the angelic realms

• Brings harmony and assists in balancing the yin-yang energies, thus unifying our male and female qualities

• Promotes self healing

• Allow us to express unconditional love