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Fuchsite Pendant Necklace (Gold)

Fuchsite Pendant Necklace (Gold)

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With the Fuchsite crystal included in your gemstone collection, get ready to travel through life on the wings of angels. Known as the fairy crystal, the Fuchsite crystal stone stands out in the gem world with its green and gold sparkly flecks that resemble fairy dust. Its connection to the heavens comes from its radiant and otherworldly good looks. But this stone is more than just easy on the eyes. It also rocks at manifesting happiness, joy, miracles, and all the things that contribute to that warm and fuzzy feeling we get when our heart chakra is burning bright.


Thanks to its ethereal and heavenly aesthetic that sparkles in the light, the Fuchsite crystal meaning reminds us that we are always protected by guardian angels. When our wings have trouble remembering how to fly, the angelic spirit guides of Fuchsite lift us to our feet, whispering encouragement whenever clouds appear and always guarding our sensitive souls from the danger of toxic psychic attacks. Instead of heading towards drama, the Fuchsite crystal redirects the heart to a place where miracles happen. But you don't have to go looking for miracles because the miracle is you and the infinite possibilities of the universe. The Fuchsite crystal is like espresso for the soul, giving fuel to the fire that sparks the light of creativity.

The Fuchsite crystal stone meaning is also associated with fairies from the spirit realm that serve as guides on your spiritual journey. Call on your guardian angels when you go deep with the Fuchsite crystal during a therapeutic session of peaceful contemplation.

Guardian angels come in many forms, from the kindness of strangers to your closest friends and family. Wear Fuchsite jewelry and always have access to your personal guardian angel, that wise inner voice that’s had your back since day one.

Chain included.

All Meraki Design Tribe creations are made with high quality semi precious gemstones hand selected in highly energized and charged areas throughout the country. They are cleansed, charged and Shaman blessed. 

Wire Wrapping: Gold or Silver Plated Copper as these are both energy conductors and enhance the intention brought to each piece.